about fab figs and FAQ

fab figs are luscious dried California figs, filled with chocolate ganache.

Healthy, and delicious...each fab fig is inidividually wrapped to seal in freshness.

fab figs are hand-made in palm springs, california, using only the finest ingredients: dried california figs, chocolate, cream, and port or liqueur or spices or zests....that's it :)

fab figs are hand made in small batches, to insure deliciousness. fine at room temperature for up to 6 weeks.  or, refrigerate for up to three months. fab figs can be frozen for up to six months...but I doubt you can keep from eating them for that long! if there is a white coating on your fig - do not worry...it is only the natural sugaring process of the fig.

NEW - figgery! is chopped california figs with added zests, nuts and seasonings.

Custom orders and shipping are available.

Do you need something fabulous, delicious, and unique, for your next corporate gift-giving extravaganza? Please contact us at info@fabfigs.com, to begin the discussion, and we will work with you to create a package to suit your needs.

For bulk orders, you may obtain fab figs with your choice of wrapper colors....we are here to make it happen! Contact us at info@fabfigs.com, and we will reply promptly to discuss your needs.

Thank you!